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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Letter to Editor

In response to a letter to the editor titled "Nothing wrong with spiritual values" in the Toronto Star stating these bits of glorified wisdom:
" rejecting religion, (Religulous star Bill) Maher merely substitutes his opinion as the true religion...The flawed thinking that we can get by, and even progress, without religion and morals is the very thing that got America and the rest of the world into the current financial mess."
I wrote the following letter:

After reading (the author's) letter of Oct. 7th, 2008, I have to say that I am disheartened. Once again, we see the unquestioned linking of religion and morality, the bold and totally unfounded notion that the two are inexorably tied - one following from the other.

Greedy people are from all faiths (Benny Hinn - I'm talkin' to you), all creeds, all levels of society. Religion has not cornered the morality market and thinking that "if only people were more religious, life would be so much better", you only delude yourself.

Bill Maher is not "substituting his opinion as the true religion" - quite untrue. The persecution complex and undeserved pedestal-position of religion seem to both be on display in (the author's) writing. Maher says that he doesn't know the answers and he is trying to get the religious people in his film to say that they don't either. Questions are anathema to religion whereas in the rational world, had people asked more questions, been more skeptical of authority, been less...shall I say...dogmatic(?), perhaps the current financial meltdown could have been at least partially avoided.

It seems that once again, this letter does what religion has done so well and with so little opposition in the past: accused its critics of being and doing exactly what they themselves are and do.

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At 20/10/08 12:01 am, Blogger Jon said...

Religiosity is certainly NOT the fount of morality that believers regularly portray it as.

I've been developing a resource at of supposedly religious people demonstrating that hard fact by getting themselves convicted of immoral and illegal behavior.

I hope that it can eventually serve as valuable rebuttal to the ridiculous claim that religiosity equals morality. With well over a hundred examples just since August, I think it's on it's way.

At 20/10/08 8:01 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Well done, sir. I'm looking forward to pointing people to your new site. And thanks for reading this one!


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