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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Skeptic's Circle 97

Jebus, it's the 97th Skeptic's Circle already. Go check it out and have some nice weekend reading.

On a more personal note, I have a couple of posts in the pipe here that I'll get up over the next day or two. Stupid life getting in the way of my non-paying, time consuming hobby.

To all my (six) Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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At 9/10/08 10:11 am, Blogger christina said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you too from a seventh Canadian reader. Found your blog by chance and kept on reading...

At 9/10/08 10:59 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Yay! A seventh reader! Thanks for coming back after a first helping. My Thursday is made.

You rock.

At 9/10/08 11:27 am, Blogger Perky Skeptic said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Mike! How do Canadians generally celebrate the holiday?

At 9/10/08 11:49 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Well, we generally visit family and eat copious amounts of turkey, pie, stuffing, veggies, rice, potatos, ice cream, tarts, fruit, pop, coffee, and chips.

Basically it's an excuse to act like a gorging, starved dog. It's fabulous.

Oh, and I'll be doing some fishing as well. :)

At 10/10/08 4:32 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Mike is correct about the way we spend thanksgiving. I will likely gain quite a bit of weight over the weekend (three families to visit for dinner - no complaints from me).

To all the other 7 Canadians here, I actually gave up Leafs tickets for this Saturday because of Thanksgiving.

Have a good turkey weekend, Mike!


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