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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Denyse and Her Crappy Links

Denyse O'Leary - *sigh* It's just tiring to keep beating her and her crummy linked articles into the ground, time and time again. Today it's just business as usual with her citing Mustafa Akyol's silly argument against atheists and, again, the bus sign campaign.

I find it amusing now that writers/god-believers just come out of the fucking woodwork to spout their gumball philosophy about what they think atheists are about. This Akyol fella winds up his piece - in response to the bus-sign saying, "There's probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life" - with this gem:
One thing that might strengthen the atheist argument to "stop worrying" is that religious belief brings not just good news but also sobering responsibility. But then again, we have to ask whether man is happier when he feels free from responsibility or when he takes on responsibilities that he willingly fulfills. I would place my bet on the latter. Therefore, I have to turn down the kind suggestion to "stop worrying and enjoy life" that atheists are spreading around. If I were an atheist, I would rather sit down, reflect about the meaninglessness and the inevitable tragic end of all my existence, and descend pessimistically into nihilism. I am rather happy because I am convinced that life has a meaning and death is not the end and that there is a God.
That's right, we atheists have absolutely no responsibilities whatsoever. None. We just do whatever the fuck we want, whenever we want, regardless of what our spouses or children need, our friends require, our jobs demand, our societies ask...none of that shit matters to us atheists! We're free, man!

What a douchebag.

My favorite bit, obviously, is the last two sentences. Yes, if he were and atheist, he'd just sit in front of a mirror and watch himself decay into the worm food he will ultimately become, he would throw his life away into the trash-heap of this meaningless world. But no, he is not an atheist, for he - noble believer - is happy because he has convinced himself that he will live on after he dies and hang with Sky-Daddy, evidence be damned!

So listen up, kiddies, because the moral of the story is that understanding those different from you is too much work, so make up traits you believe they have and then just delude yourself into a haze of happiness and life will be just fine...just fine...juuussst fiiiinnnee....

(hat-tip to CC)

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At 29/11/08 12:57 pm, Blogger Violette said...

That's really funny that he seems to think atheists are just happy care free people, while religious belief is a "sobering responsibility". Atheism is the exact opposite: taking total responsibility for all of our actions and their consequences. If there's something wrong with the world, it's our responsibility to fix it, because there is no God who's going to do it for us, no matter how hard we pray. We get one life to make a difference, so we'd better spend it trying to make the world better, and not on our knees talking to an imaginary being. To me, atheism is taking the ultimate responsibility. It's the religious who go around thinking that their God will take care of everything for them.


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