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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Get Mail

I stumbled upon a blog you wrote about "Jesus didn't tap" clothing and the string following.

I noticed you paid homage to Isaac Newton (a believer) , Albert Einstein (a believer), and Charles Darwin (not neccessarily religous after 1851 - but wrote "The Origion of the Species" to establish a 'level' to races of the world. Yes, a racist and a hypocrite.) These people only existed because you were told they existed. Why then do you believe what was written in a book about them? Books of the New Testament were written during the rise of Jesus' church by His apostles. Not 50 years later (most of His apostles were dead by then, and all but John died a martyr's death.)

I really am not e-mailing to argue what you obviously wanted to end (the blog, i mean), what bothered me is that in your biography you paid homage to people who believed in God!

In addition, I personally think Charles Darwin, in his quest to prove his racist views, mislead generations and his writing is some of the most inaccurate information ever published and placed on a school desk.

My name is Eron and, if this information interests you, I would love to discuss theology and the merits of following Christ. I do not intend to "recruit" you or anyone else, but I would love to argue.

I hope this letter finds you well.
Yes, well. I'm well. I'd be even better if people would do a little bit of homework before they email me with stupid shit.

Isaac Newton was a believer, yes, but he didn't let that influence him when he, you know, invented fucking physics. The fact that he was a believer is what we in the rational world like to refer to as a non sequitur. The author also references Albert Einstein as a believer, but if he kept up with recent discoveries he might have noticed this little gem of a quote:
The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.
Did you get that? "Childish". I agree.

Oh yes, would the stupidity be complete if Eron didn't bring up that Darwin was a "racist"? No, I suppose it wouldn't be. I love it when Christians get all up in Darwin's face about his non-existent racism when their bible is all about owning other people. Listen, do me a fucking favor and read this - yes, all of it - then come back and say what you want, K? K.

Did you really say this - "These people only existed because you were told they existed." - to me? Are you fucking retarded? Did your great great grandfather exist? Because you would have only heard tales of him, which is the same exact thing. So did he or not? Holy shit, get a grip.

And then we get to the goddamn bible. A book that, while I was reading it, I thought to myself, "Am I reading the Christian holy book or did it just turn into fucking Shrek?" (look at 22:28) Yeah, let's use that as our guide.

Eron, you couldn't ever "recruit" me and what you have to say does not interest me in the slightest. You obviously are too far gone into the rabbit hole of religious belief and I'm sure that you think the Kool Aid tastes great, so enjoy it.

Please don't come back. Oh, and for the record, being nailed to a fucking cross counts as tapping in my book.

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At 16/11/08 11:31 am, Anonymous Skeptico said...

The books of the New Testament were definitely NOT written during the rise of Jesus' church by his apostles. They were written decades later by people who had never met Jesus or witnessed any of the events that the gospels describe. You should ask this guy where the word "Christ" comes from. (Hint: it's the Greek word for Messiah. Which gives you a clue about who wrote the gospels and who didn't.)

At 20/11/08 8:34 am, Blogger God's Soldier said...

Don't ask me why, but I occasionally like to peruse Mike's ravings. In spite of his hatred of religion he can be kind of whitty sometimes. So I see the kind of conflicting things I enjoy reading and I find a fellow Christian attempting like so many others to approach Mike in a fashion that is easily a lost battle. Then I read along as Mike does what he does best. Giving Christians new feces ejectors. So I see a comment posted on the bottom. More drama? Let me read! Wa Wa Waaaa. What a let down. I am skeptico and I like to argue before I even know the most basic principles of sociology and history. I'm not even going to argue about who wrote the New Testament because you may be able to give me a run for my money. You should have just left it there. When you said:
You should ask this guy where the word "Christ" comes from. (Hint: it's the Greek word for Messiah. Which gives you a clue about who wrote the gospels and who didn't.)
I couldn't stop laughing. You sir are no Sherlock Holmes. Greek was the language of commerce at the time of the writings and it only made sense to use the most widely known language set. Latin was not used by the church until Emperor Constantine. Before him Rome was an enemy to the Christian church. So who wrote the gospels and who didn't? Can you hear my sarcasm? Christians who were involved in a primarily mission oriented religion did the wisest thing and wrote in the most well known language for the common world at that time. If they had wrote in Aramaic it would not have known such widespread popularity as interesting literature or sacred text. If your going to be a skeptic at least be a studied one Skeptico.


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