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Thursday, March 05, 2009

25 is the new 22

Here's a copy of my stupid "25 Random Things" from facebook. Enjoy.

1. I just bought a new mouse. It has a laser. I shall call it the Alan Parsons Project.

2. The first cat I had was named Daisy and she was fucking insane.

3. I bore of lists quickly.

4. I'm bored already.

5. I don't eat enough fish.

6. I would very much like to go to Nepal and hike to the Everest base camp. I'll keep you all posted.

7. I manscape.

8. I think Oprah is a shitty, terrible, awful influence on far far far too many people.

9. It's sad that more people know who's left on American Idol than can name one Nobel Laureate. In any category. Seriously, we're going the way of the dinosaurs.

10. I quite like the words "svelte" and "meander".

11. I have started to "twitter" for no reason. No one cares about the minute to minute goings on in my life. No one.

12. Not even my mom.

13. You should never reply to a letter from Publisher's Clearing House. Never.

14. I had a bit of a hangnail today but I got rid of it. No need to worry.

15. I have eaten raw chicken on purpose. Yes, it sucked.

16. Snow sucks and summer should be the season for the whole year. If you disagree, you're wrong.

17. There is no such thing as "alternative medicine". There's medicine that works and medicine that doesn't or is unproven as of yet. Once it is proven to work, it's just medicine.

18. Any "therapy" that involves "energy", "chakras", "meridians", or "auras" is fucking retarded and you should run away from anyone who practices, suggests, or likes it.

19. Watching rodeo cowboys, people who run with the bulls, or circus trainers get the hell stomped out of them by animals is hilarious. Period.

20. I'm learning how to play acoustic guitar. Presently, I'm terrible.

21. I love to fish. I do, however, pinch all the barbs down on my hooks so it's easier to release the fish. Bit of a softie, I am.

22. Louis CK, Dave Attell, Bill Hicks, and Carlin are great comics. You should listen. But not in front of children.

23. I met Liam Neeson. He was drunk. He would not remember me.

24. I was Mr. September, 2008 in a nudie pin-up calendar for Skeptical Bloggers. Tasteful nudity, people. Tasteful. It was for this site. No, you can't see the picture.

25. I can cook. My pasta rocks. Carbonara. Bring that shit on, son.

3 Barbaric Yawps:

At 5/3/09 12:12 pm, Blogger Fall Garlic said...

Thats cheating man. I was forced to begin reading this twice. I've only got a certain amount of time on this planet and you have double sucked it. Not to mention the time this comment is taking. Crap now my whole life is out of whack. That's it buddy. Your on my list.

At 5/3/09 10:27 pm, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Dammit. Leave it to me to screw up the quantum foam of your existence. All apologies.

Shit, now you've wasted more time coming back to a post you've already read twice AND commented on, AND are now reading my re-comment.

...I'm still on the list, aren't I? Dammit.

At 18/3/09 1:42 am, Blogger Fall Garlic said...

You got that right mo fo. I did just re read that sucker to see your comment. Shit. Please do not recomment to this or I may have to think about ending it all.


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