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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Am I Tired of Slamming the Pope Yet? Nope.

How funny was it that the Pope told Africans to "shun witchcraft"? Pretty funny. The photo in that piece of Ratzy kissing the boy is amazing. That kid looks like he's as scared as a Catholic altar bo...oh, right.

Well, it seems now, after the whole "condoms will make AIDS worse" thing, the Vatican is sorta tired of taking the hundreds of Is-the-Pope-fucking-retarded? phone calls and would very much like you to stop picking on the Joey! Jesus christ!

It's impossible to not make fun of him. I know that it's almost mean to make fun of a (as Hitchens calls them) maladjusted elderly virgin, but please - he's begging for it! I'm here to oblige.

(hat-tips to both PZ and Skepchick)

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At 25/3/09 11:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pope represents a moral authority to EVERYONE? I think not. What unbelievable arrogance to say that and to assume that that monumental pimple on the backside of humanity is worthy of any respects whatsoever. Give me a break!


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