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Monday, March 23, 2009

Bill Schulz - Too Stupid To Know Better

Most people by now have heard the painfully unfunny and insulting "commentary" on Red Eye, some throw-away show on FOX that's in the oh-so-watched time-slot of 3am. Basically a group of morons spouted off and ragged on the Canadian military for potentially taking time off at the end of the current mission. Calls and emails abounded and half-assed apologies were issued - all worthless. Especially noteworthy, however, was what one panel member, Bill Schulz, said on his Twitter account:
"To all canadians that keep emailing me: R u really from the land of SCTV and jim carrey? Lighten the fuck up."
All misspellings and text-slang are his, obviously. Those extra four letters and three capitals take time to include and he's clearly got a lot of dicks to suck. Time is money, bitches.

See, this is why people hate you, Bill. Not just you, by the way, I'm referring to the grand "you" in all of in Americans. You say stupid, ignorant, insulting, fucking brain-dead bullshit, then get called on it - but then you can't even muster the goddamn humility to say you're sorry in any meaningful way. You get smarmy and fuckish about it, making everyone go from hating you to wanting you to die in a car fire.

Oh, and yes, "jim carrey" (sic) is from Canada (we capitalize proper nouns up here, not that you'd know that or what a proper noun is), but we knew that his lame dick and fart jokes, retreaded movie ideas, and penchant for woo-woo bullshit would make him fit right in down there with you folks. Enjoy him.

Oh, and we're Canadians, not canadians. No wonder your economy collapsed if you can't even string a fucking sentence together. Grade five called; they'd like their certificate back.

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At 24/3/09 12:35 am, Blogger A. Vargas said...

You don't like Ace Ventura?

Your sense of humor might be handicapped.

At 24/3/09 9:28 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Never said I didn't like Ace Ventura, I just implied that the Americans like it more. And just for clarity, Ace Ventura II sucked more ass than Evercleanse.

Thanks for reading!

At 8/4/13 12:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill rocks my socks.


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