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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catholics - You're Making It Too Easy

Jesus christ, this is getting to be like drag-racing some retard on a tricycle. In Calgary, the Head Idiot in Charge (HIC for short, "Catholic bishop" to the flock) put a stop to a teacher's fundraiser for AIDS in Africa. Why, Mike? Well, take a fucking guess.
...a parishioner went to Bishop Fred Henry with concerns about the fundraising for the group, which promotes the use of condoms as part of AIDS prevention campaign...
The group in question is the Stephen Lewis Foundation which lists as it's mandate:
*to provide care at the community level to women who are ill and struggling to survive, so that their lives can be free from pain, humiliation and indignity;

*to assist orphans and other AIDS-affected children in every possible way, from the payment of school fees to the provision of food;

*to support the unsung heroes of Africa, the grandmothers, who bury their own children and care for their orphan grandchildren;

*to support associations of people living with HIV/AIDS — courageous men and women who have openly declared their status - so that they can educate themselves and share information with their broader communities on prevention, treatment, care and the elimination of stigma.
They also have abstinence and fidelity as part of their program, but they include condom use because's that phrase...? HAVE A 90% EFFECTIVENESS RATE AND ARE FUCKING REALISTIC! Lewis himself commented on the issue saying:
I think the bishop is making a mistake in allowing doctrinal dogma to overtake common sense...
Ya think? The article says that the decision has "divided the teachers' union" because, apparently, only some of the teachers can see what a tremendous penishole the bishop is being. What kind of asshole takes away money (last year it was $45,000) from needy people because they're using the most effective way of saving their lives? Jesus, that's like not helping a drowning person because they were clinging to a piece of wood.

I'll say it again for the hard of hearing and I wish I had Garrett Morris to translate. If you still call yourself a Catholic now, stop it. You're well beyond embarrassing yourself and you're into brain-deadery.

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At 31/3/09 10:05 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

You just made my day with the Garrett Morris joke. That Family Guy is a classic.


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