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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grey Ghost & Lying Nikki

So lying douchebag "Psychic to the Stars", Nikki Pezaro says that there might be a ghost on the Grey's Anatomy set. Yeah, I know. Not only that, but he's:
a heavyset man, balding … he may have been a janitor or facilities manager who worked in the area in the past.
I think she made that stuff up. She's such a crazy lying liar type person, changing her website to delete inaccurate predicitons or just being vague enough to write horoscopes for the Star.

My absolute favorite part of the Grey's article is this gem:
“I believe there is a serious negative energy on that set,” she (Nikki) said. “It’s not a curse, because those don’t really exist, but there is a hostile force at the location of their filming."
"Curses? Oh hell no. Those are silly, why would you believe in such foolishness. Now pay attention while I explain about the dead fat fella roaming the halls that the black homophobe brought in because of his childhood daddy-got-murdered issues."

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At 31/3/09 2:44 pm, Blogger Call me Paul said...

I actually have a copy of Psychic Nikki's 2007 predictions page on my hard drive. I saved the whole page with plans to go back later and rate her predictions, as well as see if she changed anything after the fact. I never got around to it.


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