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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to the Prime Minister

Will it do anything? No. Will Goodyear have a job tomorrow? Yeah. Did it feel good to write the thing? Hell yes. You should write one too; send it to

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

It has come to my attention that your minister of state for science and technology, Mr. Gary Goodyear, seems unqualified for his position.

Recently, two news reports highlighted his unprofessional behavior and his questionable scientific credentials; the first link is to a Globe & Mail piece about Mr. Goodyear yelling and being abusive to members of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) who were meeting with him regarding the federal budget (here). The second link is to another Globe & Mail article, this one about Mr. Goodyear’s treating of a question about evolution as “religious” (here).

Now, because he is your minister of science and technology, I would expect him to be at least minimally versed in the basic ideas of modern biology, coming as he does from an ostensibly health-related profession (although, arguably, not so much). Saying, as he did today that the question about evolution was “irrelevant” is to dodge a basic fact about our world and put his understanding – and therefore, fitness for his job – in doubt. The fact that your government has cut research funding by 147.9 million shows a tremendous lack of respect for the advances that university science programs give to Canadian citizens and perhaps shines a light on why you chose Goodyear in the first place.

As a federal minister, it is also shameful to resort to yelling and bullying when confronted with a legitimate question of budget priorities as Goodyear did with the CAUT representatives. If Mr. Goodyear is not able to do his job in a professional manner, then he should step aside or be removed from office to allow another, more competent person to fill the void. I ask that you do this for the good of Canada and our reputation among first world nations as one that puts integrity and science in high regard, contrary to what your party is showing in your budget.


Michael W. McCarron

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At 18/3/09 1:39 am, Blogger Fall Garlic said...

You are a good man for writing it. But lets remember it is still the Theory of Evolution. Not the law. We were pretty sure that Newton had gravity all wrapped up once.

At 18/3/09 7:15 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Yeah, but it's "theory" in the scientific sense. It's not the "idea" of evolution. If the science and technology minister was arguing about whether the mechanism of evolution was gradualism or punctuated equilibrium, well, then I'd have no problem.

Bringing his religion into it means either he doesn't understand what's going on or he's a closet creationist - both make him unqualified to hold the office he's in.

And Newton got pretty close; it's not like he was arguing for geocentrism.

Side note: I, too, have no idea how to go about getting 20 different food items regularly into a dinner. Who the hell has time for that? Those peasants were just showing off and counting the grass they grazed on while waiting for their shoe to boil.


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