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Friday, March 13, 2009

Need Another Reason?

Just in case the Catholic Church hasn't made you writhe in outrageous fury of late, Poop Benny decided to up the ante recently by reiterating the brain-dead idea that condoms are bad for Africans and won't help fight AIDS there. This fucking mook actually said:
"You can't resolve it (the AIDS problem) with the distribution of condoms...On the contrary, it increases the problem.
How the FUCK does it increase the problem? Explain that to me as though I were sitting on the floor eating my shoe, because that's the level of retarded you'd have to be to buy into the Church's explanation. "Well, if you use a condom, you're preventing a life and you'll go to Hell" - what a bunch of fucking wankers.

Here's a great example of the Catholic idea of "helping" regarding the economic situation in some not-so-well-off African countries:
...the church does not propose specific economic solutions, it can give "spiritual and moral" suggestions.
Great. Spiritual and moral guidance from a group of old pedophiles who live in a giant mansion thousands of miles away and are so fucking out of touch that Supreme Leader still wears a goddamn dress and whose election to office was announced to the world by way of a fucking smoke signal. Yeah, these are the cracker-jack group of douchebags you want advising you about how to restore your spiritual wellness.

Would you like one last bit? Ok, here you go. This is an example, a crystal-clear example of just exactly how far gone are Benny's faculties. Regarding the recent holocaust-denying biship scandal, Poopy said:
...he was saddened that he was criticized "with open hostility" even by those who should have known better.
You want "open hostility", motherfucker? You have no idea what "open hostility" is. The criticism you've received so far is going to seem like a warm hug and a cup of cocoa on a cold winter's night after this blows over. Shit, just from my crappy blog you're going to feel the waves of hatred pour over your head like tapioca made of cream, rice, bile and the shattered lives of the huddled masses.


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