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Monday, March 30, 2009

What The Hell is Up With Calgary?

First it's the stupid-ass bishop cutting funding to a charity organization, now it's another guy, this one an obvious brain-surgeon, who left his 21 month old son in the car while he played casino games. Did I mention is was -8 outside? Yeah, it was -8 outside. The anus even put blankets over the windows of the car so no one would see the boy - or maybe he was trying to try to keep him warm...but since the kid wasn't dressed properly, I'm guessing the former.

The line that makes me the most angry is this one:
"Fire crews gained access to the vehicle and removed a 21-month old male child from a rear child restraint," police said in a statement. "The child had vomited on his clothing, very lightly dressed with no shoes or socks. He was cold and crying."
Bear in mind that I have a 23-month old daughter, so retards who do this to a kid just make me want to have him slain by an amature swordsman. How the fuck do you justify this behavior? Was dude drunk? Everyone who reads this story and thinks, "Holy shit, that guy sucks", should get to punch in him the face.

I weep for humanity.

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