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Monday, April 06, 2009

Rabbi Avi Shafran - Tremendous Douche

Avi...Avi...what are we going to do with you? You write another stupid article, this one "admiring" Bernie Madoff - a scumbag who stole $65 billion dollars. On top of that, you say you don't admire Cpt. Chesley Sullenberger because he didn't grovel and wail that his "saving" was due to your precious and insecure Old Man in the Sky (OMITS).

Do Jews actually pay attention to this jerkoff or is he like the Jewish Pat Robertson? I'm just askin'....

I've taken Avi out to the woodshed before but apparently he just doesn't listen to criticism...or read...or pay attention to life around him in any substantial way. I mean, listen to this helmet-headed reasoning for Madoff's crime not being that major:
Judaism teaches that stealing is a sin, but it doesn’t differentiate between misappropriating a million dollars and pilfering a dime.
Well that means your religion is fucking stupid. If I have $1.40 and then pinch a dime off the counter so I'll be able to buy a large coffee on the way home, I'm pretty sure the secretary at work won't notice that I "stole" it. If I, however, wanted to start my own missile defense company and needed $65 billion dollars and proceeded to take that from my clients, that's a whole other ball of wax. Anyone who can't see that difference needs a CAT scan immediately.

Oh, and I absolutely love this bit:
...Madoff likely began his crime spree in the hope of rewarding, not swindling, investors, and by the time it became clear he would not be able to do that, he already was deeply entangled -- and daily becoming more entangled -- in the web he wove.

None of that, though, is to belittle the great pain Mr. Madoff caused, and is certainly no cause for affording the iniquitous investment broker respect. No, what I admire about him has to do with his owning up to his crime.
"So, yeah, I was trying to make my wife a better woman by showing her how to please me. She wouldn't listen though so I punched her in the face several times. I did cause her pain, to be sure, but I'm sorry. I take full responsibility for my actions. Do you 'admire' me?" What a tool. Here's Avi saying that Madoff stayed in the U.S. because he knew he was going to be caught:
Think about it. The man knew for years that eventually his scheme would come apart and that prosecution loomed, yet he took no steps to flee, huge bribe in hand, to some country lacking extradition treaties.
Does Avi know the meaning of the words "greedy fucking douchebag"? The former CEOs of World Com, Tyco, Enron...these people were greedier than any other people on the planet with the notable exception of Bernie fucking Madoff. Admirable, indeed.

And then Avi says that Sullenberger deserves the hakoras hatov (thanks and appreciation) of those he saved - along with the flight crew - but that's just about enough, thank you, because he didn't give thanks for his excellent and competent training to:
the One Who instilled such astounding abilities in His creations (and Whose help the captain was not quoted as acknowledging)
Talk about a douche. To paraphrase Patton Oswalt, when our bodies return to the loam and the cities are but dust, alien civilizations will know that he was a douchebag. The Neuromancers walking the wastelands will carry high his standard of douchebaggery!

I'm done with this jackass.

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