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Thursday, June 25, 2009


He turned into a weirdo...or maybe he was one from the get-go. Now we've got to put up with all the assholes giving their little stories and theories that don't matter worth shit. There's no forgiving child molestation, if he did it, but I'm not here to judge. I just remember the best Michael moment from my personal recollection:

Plus, you get to see Sammy, and he was the greatest ever. Period.

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At 27/6/09 9:22 am, Anonymous Yakaru said...

Don't ya just love the way Deepak Chopra is milking the publicity chance to the max. A "close friend" of Jackson, he's been revealing details of his private conversations with Jackson, who supposedly approached him for prescription drugs.

I always thought doctors were supposed to keep such information confidential. Of course, I don't doubt for a moment that Jackson erally did ask him. It must be very difficult for megastars in Hollywood to obtain a prescription, and Deepak would never lie or twist the truth.

Maybe the quality of the poor blokes friends had something to do with the way he screwed up his life.


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