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Monday, August 17, 2009

Brad Pitt

I remember seeing Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise and thinking, this guy's got ridiculous abs and he's probably going to do a calendar or something (like me!). Then Cool World came out and I thought, "This guy's career is over."

Well, how wrong was I? I saw him in Kalifornia and he was fantastic. When I heard that he gave up the Tom Hanks role in Apollo 13 to do the amazing Se7en, I was an official fan. Then came Fight Club and Snatch. It just kept getting better and better. For a guy who could have done what a lot of handsome dudes do i.e. coast by on good looks and Meet Joe Black roles forever (not that that wasn't a good movie - it was), he purposely made films that made him look like crap...and the fuckin' guy still looked great.

Now, the atheist crowd is slathering all over him because of his recent Inglourious Basterds promo interviews, and rightfully so. Maybe we can have an actual, A-list celebrity to embrace. Life's alright, so check him out on Bill Maher's show, courtesy of the always spectacular Skepchick.

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