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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adam Carolla & Mo Collins

I really like listening to Adam Carolla's podcast. He does about an hour daily, Monday to Friday, with various celebrity guests and has a long-form chat about their history in the business, their views on a wide swath of topics, and Adam bitches and moans in a mostly hilarious manner. It's good times.

Sometimes, however, like Bill Maher but to a lesser extent, he goes off on something he doesn't understand and gets backed up by an equally ignorant guest. Today's podcast was one of those days. He was talking to Mo Collins, a comic and sketch actor from Mad TV, and they got on the topic of getting sick. Carolla mentioned that his friend, Dr. Drew, gives out flu shots to people at his home to help up the vaccination rate but that he doesn't ever get it because he "doesn't get sick."

Mo Collins then says this gem of woo woo ignorance:
Your body will get sick when it needs to in order to boost your own immune system...And why am I going to take a shot of something that's the very thing I'm trying to avoid and stick it in my person?
I'm not even going to refute what they say because if you don't understand how the flu works and how the flu vaccine works, then there's better places to go - think Dr. Mark Crislip's great Quackcast site where he just did a podcast about this exact topic. Go to iTunes, search for said title, subscribe, and listen. Also, go to Science-Based Medicine and read their entries on the flu and H1N1 to get the real skinny.

Adam Carolla is great, but he also has strong opinions and works a lot from "common sense", which, as most people in the reality-based community know, is neither common nor sensible. He has a very large audience and we need another celebrity spreading Jenny McCarthy-style misinformation like we need a fuckin' bag on our hip (as Mr. White would say).

Pick it up, Adam.

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