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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Be a Damn Bible Scholar

If you're attending university and majoring in, say, psychology, you have a lot to learn. There are huge textbooks that you'll have to slog through, papers you'll have to write, experiments you'll both run and be subjects in, plus so much science you'll have statistics down pat, baby.

Let's say that while you're in school, busily whiling away the hours in front of a book (ok, ok, at the pool table in the campus pub...who are we kidding?), someone tells you that you should be extremely adept in the idea of phrenology. You'd rightly laugh in the bloke's face and lean forward to make that cross-side on the seven-ball. Why would you spend time learning about a modality/theory that is (a) outdated, (b) absolutely pseudo-scientific, and (c) dangerous to use in practice? It makes no sense. Sure, you might learn a bit about it so you can have a laugh at a party, but that's about it, right?

Stay with me here. I hear a lot of skeptics talk about how we need to read the damn bible. We should know the bible just as well or better than the fundies who complain and bitch about no prayer in schools. I see their point, but I don't necessarily agree - we don't need to know about the damn bible because it is just like phrenology: outdated, unscientific, and dangerous in practice. If you want to try to read the thing (as I have several times), do it up, but be aware that it's the worst book ever. The Koran is no better. Read enough to have a good come-back to a sanctimonious assface, but there's no reason to waste your time learning something with nothing other than historical significance. If that's your bag, or if literature study is your thing, then have at it, son.

I just don't have the time.

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At 25/9/09 2:24 am, Blogger Fall Garlic said...

Here's the thing. If half the people in the world were practicing Phrenology and there was a massive financial system backing some charismatic leaders who spouted phrenology and a massive scholarly [questionable] body of people who spent all their time making sense of phrenology, then a skeptic might do very well to study it to try and see what the shit heads were spouting. This would better equip that skeptic to poke holes in what the phrenologists were saying.

But I hear ya. I fucking wish I knew how to open a, "believers" eyes or to create a little doubt in those that have "faith." All my shit seems to land on deaf ears or the choir.

You do great work Mike, God bless you keep it up.

At 25/9/09 7:27 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Yeah, I sort of thought of that line of argument after I posted it and should really go back and add a bit of an "editorial update" thingy. You make a good point, as always, sir.

Hahaha..."God bless you keep it up." That's great. It's why you're awesome. How's the school year going so far?


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