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Friday, October 02, 2009

The Whole Roman Polanski Thing

I realize that this is, to quote Adam Carolla, "fucked out", but I have to weigh in on the Roman Polanski deal. Here's the thing, he had sex with a 13 year old girl in 1977 after drugging her with quaaludes and champagne. Then he sodomized her. Just to make it clear what the guy did, here are the links to the specific pages of the documents from the case. Try to read them and imagine that the girl is your sister, daughter or someone you know and love.

the "I knew she was 13" link to Smoking Gun page - here

the "Roman got the 13 year old champagne" page - here

the "Roman gave a drunk 13 year old a quaalude" page - here

the "Roman tells the drugged, drunk 13 year old to get naked in the jacuzzi" page - here

the "Roman gets naked and joins the drunk, drugged 13 year old in the jacuzzi" page - here

the "13 year old asks to go home and Roman says no" page - here

the "Roman ignores the 13 year old's pleas to take her home and to not touch her" page - here

the "Roman performs oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex on a crying, unwilling, drunk, drugged 13 year old who wants to go home" page - here

the "Roman lies to a woman about orally, vaginally, and anally raping a 13 year old girl, then rapes her again, then she leaves, crying" page - here

I'm glad that Samantha Geimer has dealt with what happened to her, but her recovery is not the point here. Also, Polanski's pregnant wife was murdered by members of the Manson family in August of 1969 and I can't imagine what that must have been like, but that's not relevant either. You don't recover from a tragedy by doing what he did to this girl. Regardless of what Geimer says now, regardless of what happened before the crime took place, Polanski is responsible for his actions and for subsequently running away from those responsibilities.

You can do the, "well, it's different in Europe - girls who are 13 can be treated differently...they're more adult and make those decisions" dance, but the fact remains that Polanski wasn't in Europe when he committed this crime.

All you need to think of is this: If his name was Ray Pollard and he was from San Bernadino, would anyone be defending him? The one and only correct answer is, "no". Case closed.

Sorry, one more thing. Here's Whoopi Goldberg saying that what Polanski did wasn't "rape-rape", and that she doesn't know if it was "consensual". Thanks for being a tremendous failure for women the world over, Whoopi.

The View: for only being really against "rape-rape", not just "rape".

I should pat Joy Behar, Melissa Gilbert, and...boy, this pains me, but it is required, Sherri Shepard on the back for standing up to the stupidity that was dribbling out of Whoopi's mouth. Good job, ladies.

(Edit Follow-Up: Now it seems that Polanski agreed to pay $500,000 to Geimer in a settlement agreement, but may have never actually paid the money. Nicely done, sir. Way to seem like even more of an insensitive prick than you did previously, if that's possible.)

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