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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is "Epic Beard Man" an Alter Ego?

By now, most people who are mixed martial arts fans, or just fans of stupid random crap on YouTube, have seen the fight on public transit (link contains NSFW language and content) known as one of, "Epic Beard Man" (hereafter referred to as "EBM"), "Amber Lamps" (for how the battered man asks slurringly for an "ambulance"), or the classic "AC Transit Bus Fight: I Am A Motherfucker" (so named for the slogan on EBM's t-shirt...which should have tipped the younger man off to the state of his adversary's mind).

When you look at EBM however, you may notice a striking similarity to a well-known food spokesperson:
Captain Highliner or...Epic Beard Man?!
That's right, EBM just may be Captain Highliner. Hard times and a rough economy have taken their toll, people, and the good Captain just may have had a bit of a fall from grace. So next time you eat some tilapia, think of the Captain, and hope he's not whomping the snot out of a fellow bus passenger, deservedly or not.

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At 25/2/10 4:35 am, Blogger Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Moral of the story is don't start a fight you don't have to. Cause the person you least expect might just turn out to be a motherfucker.


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