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Friday, February 12, 2010

Kevin Trudeau is Still a Douche, Perhaps Incarcerated

Over at Dr. Phil Plait's blog there's a nice post about one Kevin Trudeau getting a giant-ass fine and potential prison time all thanks to a sensible federal judge named Robert Gettleman. Kudos, sir.

Most people don't know that Trudeau is such a tremendous scumbag and only recognize him from his stupid infomercials...much like the vapid and annoying Suzanne Somers. Somers, however, may just believe what she's sellin' whereas Trudeau is most certainly in the scamming business (check the link on Dr. Plait's post for more deets...yes, I'm very "street" and can comfortably use terms like "deets").

Ok, that's it. Hat tip and thanks, as always, to Dr. Phil (the non-annoying one) for his great work in text and pixels.

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