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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Kid on the Way

While slightly different from New Kids on the Block (Oh, they're comin' back baby!), my wife just had the first signs of our New Kid on the Way. We'll be heading in to the hospital very shortly and as such, the Purpose Driven Thingy will be put on hold for a day or so until I get some time to chill. Thanks to those who are keeping up, I've got the next two days ready to go and they just have to be typed, so those will be up sometime during the next couple of days. After that, it won't be more than a couple of days before I can sneak a couple of half-hours at the keyboard.

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At 27/2/10 5:00 pm, Blogger Fall Garlic said...

Wishing you all the best on the kid front. And as far as the book goes I understand the compulsion to read it and rip it but really. You ain't gonna convert the idiots and you do not need to suffer for the rest of us. Put it down and use your life for something better. I give you permission.

At 27/2/10 9:46 pm, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Thanks, Dave :) We've got a new boy now! Hooray!

I know I'm not going to convert anyone and that I don't have to suffer, but I made a sorta resolution to read at least one book this year that I completely disagree with and this is it. Might as well make a bit of a blog project out of it at the same time.

But your permission is certainly appreciated. Oh, and we have snacks! Come on over!

At 28/2/10 2:39 am, Blogger Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Congrats mate

At 1/3/10 8:36 am, Blogger CriticallySkeptic said...


At 1/3/10 9:04 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Thanks, you guys! It's been a fun couple of days. :)

At 1/3/10 11:46 am, Blogger Yojimbo said...

A wee heathen - two thumbs up! :)


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