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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Purpose Driven Thingy - Day 10

Double digits, baby. Today is a good day.

Ok, let's get right to it because there's some craziness to hit.
Give yourselves to God, surrender your whole being to Him to be used for righteous purposes. Rom 6:13

The heart of worship is in surrender.
Much like Islam, which literally means "surrender" or "submission".
The word (surrender) is almost always used in a negative context. Captured criminals surrender to the authorities....
Alright, minor point here, but captured criminals "have surrendered" to the authorities. Keep your tenses agreeing with each other and we'll have no problems at all, okie dokie?
True worship, bringing pleasure to God, happens when you give yourself completely to God
The is tautological and meaningless. *sigh* I'm not even ten minutes into writing this chapter out and I'm bored and annoyed.

Warren really can't write. I realize that we are not on the same page spiritually and we're not going to come together, but for a best seller with over 30 million copies sold, his writing is really terrible. I expected to maybe at least see some inspiring phrases or beautiful language, but this is bush league.
God wants your life, all of it. Ninety-five percent is not enough.
There are apparently three things that block our submission to God: Fear, Pride, and Confusion. I believe that was a lesser-known Jane Austin novel. I could be wrong.
Trust is an essential ingredient to surrender...
...just ask anyone in the BDSM community. No, seriously Rick, ask anyone in the BDSM community. won't surrender to God unless you trust Him.
...and you won't surrender to Mistress Satania with the eight inch lucite heels and nine-inch silicone phallus unless you trust her either. Just sayin'.
Fear keeps us from surrendering, but love casts out all fear.
Apparently, Warren has not met Mistress Satania. ...or maybe he has.
If you wanna know how much you matter to God, look at Christ with his arms outstretched on the cross saying, 'I love you THIS much! I'd rather die than live without you.
Um, I'm no historian or anything, but I'm pretty certain that if there was a Jesus at all and if he was crucified, he was likely saying something along the line of this:
...(s)urrendering to Him brings freedom, not bondage.
Sure, and my high school girlfriend left me for the guy with the fancy car because it just wasn't our time, man. It was timing. That and politics. It's all politics.
We don't want to admit that we're just creatures and we're not in control of everything.
Speak for yourself, sir.

Here there's lots of talk about how surrendering is great and how you're still a bad ass, rational warrior, whatever the hell that means.
Surrender is best demonstrated in obedience. You say, 'Yes, Lord', to whatever He asks of you.
This is the dangerous, insane part. Saying "yes" to every demand from every crazy voice in your head makes you exactly that - Crazy. Crazy is not spiritual. At all.
Abraham followed God's leading without knowing where it would take him.
This is a nice way to gloss over childhood trauma. Go read it. You'll get a knot in your stomach as well.

Alrighty, this is the place where I took a break the other night and then lost the rest of my Day 10 notes. Rest assured that there was nothing remotely enlightening or clever, just more painful blathering and some crap about how much god loves folks who just do what he says.

The point was obvious.
The bible verse was likely annoying and vague enough to apply to whatever Warren felt like pasting it on.
The question was retarded and pointless.

Day 11 will, hopefully, be tomorrow. Parents are here visiting and we're still getting used to having two kids. Weird, that. Fun, but weird....

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