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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

James Randi at TED

Here is James Randi's talk from the TED conference. It's good and I very much enjoyed the homeopathic "suicide" bit, I just wish he had moved from laughing at it into a more serious, "Ok, here's why we should stop laughing". Maybe he could have told the story of Gloria whose parents treated her eczema with homeopathy resulting in her death at nine months after what amounts to torture, best intentions or not. If more people realize why homeopathy and most of "alt." medicine is horse-shit, perhaps Gloria's death will be slightly less pointless and tragic. Slightly.

In any event, enjoy Randi doing what he does best: Inform, entertain, and educate.

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At 21/4/10 6:20 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

I have had a number of great teachers thru my years...
Atheist & writer Issac Asimov
writer Robert Heinlein
Mr Wizard
Later on....
Astronomer Carl Segan
Then I found George Carlin and the Amazing Randi!!!
Randi was the hardest to find as he was findable (pre Internet) as George and the others.
As long as the internet is going immortality is assured. As I can now see & listen to their ideas when ever I wish. Hopefully he will keep going a little longer as all my other heroes have taken the final journey.
It was a good talk.


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