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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hey! I'm A Nice Guy With Stupid Challenges!

I recently got a comment on my post about Brandon Raynor's stupid massage "course". I was going to shut comments down because his weirdos kept sending me dumbness in text form. This note caught my attention however because of its pseudo-friendly tone and complete ignorance of any type of scientific education. He signs his name as "James", so his words are in blockquotes, my replies are in normal font.
Hi Mike,
Interesting blog and I do believe discussions like this are a necessity in order to allow the public to choose for themselves.
The public isn't educated enough with respect to science/critical thinking to "choose for themselves". I have no idea how my car works so I depend on my mechanic to know what works and fix my shit efficiently and ethically. Anyone in the health/medicine field should be the same way.
With that, I am guessing your vulgarity is likely not going to win "the public" over on how an RMT is as professional as you say.

*Yes its your as you see fit just pointing out the obvious*
Get it straight, James, I'm not here to "win the public over". I'm here to espouse my opinions on a wide variety of topics. You can take them or leave them, but my language - vulgar as it fucking is - is the least of your or anyones concerns.
Some of US Raynor students come from 15 years of health and fitness education and was the primary reason of not trying to fall asleep learning the same stuff that I already have in several other certifications etc. and taking it again for massage.
Wow, fifteen years of health and fitness, you say? You must be an expert. I wouldn't want to bore you with details, so I'll hold off commenting here, but I'll remember your extensive experience with health and fitness later in this post. It's probably a good thing that Raynor's courses in Canada are a maximum of 10 days - you seem to get bored with learning easily.
Also, please understand that in North America we have maybe 300-400 years of "educated experience" compared to countries in Asia (just to name one continent)that have over 3000-4000 years of experience in massage practice.

The fact is that most of those years were spent learning "practical" forms of massage rather than relying on strictly on theoretical knowledge that could not even be written down in the first place.
Ah yes, the "appeal to antiquity". "But Mike, we're so young, the Ancients knew things we didn't and had access to knowledge we are only now figuring out." The reason, James, that things couldn't be written down was that the Iron Age was when the alphabet actually came into somewhat popular use. That and that sparkling new invention that still blows my feeble mind, the bow and arrow. Fucking amazing.

All those years spent learning "practical forms of massage" or medicine in general helped populations live to the hearty average life span of 35 or 40. Man, I wish we could go back to those glory days! Practical medicine! Not so much of that pointless "theory" shit.

James, you have no idea what you're talking about.
The tradition of massage is also placed in the bible in the laying of hands etc. so again there are several cultural and religious variations in which massage has been used successfully without requiring "north american" standards.
Really? The bible, James? This comment is too stupid to warrent any sort of rebuttal.
I find it hard to believe that our continent is indeed setting malicious and discriminatory standards on something they are merely just starting to comprehend.
No, no, no...YOU are just starting to comprehend it. Don't spread your ignorance all over the rest of us like some sort of shitty marmalade. Additionally, please show your work on how exactly you think having professional standards to protect the public from ignorant fuckwads is in any way "malicious and discriminatory". I'd be interested in reading that.
Did you know that that Traditional Chinese Medicine uses meridian lines and chi flow in order to help many "North Americans" with major health issues because relief was not found using NA systems of health care?
Wait. Chinese "medicine" uses chi and meridian lines?! Why wasn't I aware of this?! WTF!?

Howzabout you give me any actual peer-reviewed evidence published in a reputable journal that shows goddamn "chi" and/or "meridian lines" even fucking exist. How about that? Let's start there and only after you show that those things exist, THEN we can move on to how you go about working with them and using your little techniques to fix people.

There's a term for doing medicine in this's called...umm...dammit, it's right there on the tip of my tongue... Oh, right. SCIENCE. Fuck me....
Again, we all know these Monopolies that CMTBC and NCBTMB are attempting to hold on to have more to do with money.

Now if something is accepted for treatment in one country is not in another due to regulation I can understand a reason to ACKNOWLEDGE the differences.
Associations take money. True. I think the CMTO's annual dues are way way WAY too fucking high, but that's nowhere near the issue here and trying to sideline the point (whatever it is you're trying to make) with financial talk is a red herring.

Also, the point is not that one modality is accepted in one country and not another - it's that one set of modalities are bullshit and the practioners unqualified charlatans.
However, what you are stating is something equivalent to that of a student going to Harvard and one who goes to any general University that is not a "blue blood" caliber is any less qualified.
I don't think you could miss the point any more if you had tried to land on the top of the CN Tower by jumping out of a plane over Tokyo. I could care less where you went to school. I care about you providing medical care/advice to the general public with a fucking Iron Age understanding of how the body works. You will end up hurting people either directly or indirectly. A much better analogy would be one student going to any general university to learn accounting and another person who was raised by a troupe of chimpanzees. The general university student gets a job and then chimp-boy is outraged, OUTRAGED that he is not allowed to provide accounting services to the public.
In fact...if you really wanted to settle this how about this Mike.
Oooo, a test!
Why don't you get the best of the best (which would likely not include yourself) in North America up against Brandon's selected therapists?

Have Brandon and 2 others from Raynor and then whomever is your "esteemed" best and his two see who is actually offering the best massage.

Just ensure to have 20 people over all walks of life, cultures and ailments and have them discuss treatment, why they are doing it and then allow the application of it.
Oh, for fuck's sake. Could you be any more scientifically illiterate? All you'd have at the end of this would be 20 testimonials of who these people liked better. It's not a real test, dumbass. Fuck, no wonder you get bored in an anatomy class. Repeat it one more time for emphasis, everyone: the plural of anecdote is not "evidence". Could you tattoo this on your goddamn antebrachium (that's your forearm, btw) so you never never forget it again?
If you can PROVE that everyone in the CMTO is better and offered unmatched therapy to Brandon and his best students I will stop offering massage as one of his students!

Challenge is go out there and prove your CMTO is better than Brandon Raynor School Of Massage Therapy.

Good luck!

I have a better offer, James (sorry, "JAMES"). If any of Raynor's students (or Mr. Raynor himself) can pass the practical and written portion of the provincial board exams to become a certified member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario or British Columbia, with only Raynor's courses and personal learning ("practical forms of massage", as you've written) as their base, I will shut this blog down forever. Deal? Oh, come on....

Good luck to you.

3 Barbaric Yawps:

At 9/5/10 3:07 am, Blogger Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Thanks for that Mike. I read the comment on the original post and was wondering if you were going to reply.

At 9/5/10 8:45 pm, Anonymous Yakaru said...

I thought the name (Raynor) sounded familiar. I remember him (vaguely) from when I lived in Byron Bay Australia. He was trying to break into politics, and finished up revealing the reactionary bigot lurking ust below the surface of many a positive spiritual type.
- Quote:
Raynor opposed adopting a policy of "opposing homophobia". Raynor claimed that homosexuality is inherently selfish because it cannot involve "bringing another soul into the world" and that homosexuals are "not an oppressed minority" because of their "much greater average income".

Raynor added: "I also object to the term homophobia because it means fear of homosexuals, whereas many people are not scared of people that engage in homosexual behaviour, they merely think the behaviour is dirty, spreads contagious diseases, and [is] not very self-disciplined or natural." Raynor stated his opposition to homosexuals teaching in schools.

Funny to note that the (very popular) Green Party was concerned that Raynor's party was misrepresenting themselves, "masquerading" as an alternative to the Greens. (Just like his career masquerading as legit.)

Excellent posts, Mike. And a good challenge for JAMES at the end.

At 11/5/10 8:54 pm, Anonymous Donna Muller said...

I went to a local massage school for two years when I was still a "woo" oriented person. Fortunately for me, I had been a science major in college and had taken anatomy, physiology, and other (in my opinion) necessary courses to work on the body, but the "school" didn't offer these beyond the "fluff" level. Lots of iridology, cranial sacral bullshit, and Eastern nonsense, though. When our state began requiring formal licensing, guess what? The school folded.


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