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Monday, May 31, 2010

They're Doing It! Hooray....

Pope Ratz has made a panel to check out child abuse allegations in Ireland. Great. What was that line....? "Who watches the Watchmen?" Yeah, that's it. Someone needs to investigate the Pope and get his ass up on some charges.

In any event, one of the dudes heading up the Ireland charade is New York Archbiship Timothy Dolan. He is apparently hard on pedophiles, but check out what he said about gay marriage:
There is an in-built code of right and wrong that is imbedded in the human DNA...Hard-wired into us is a dictionary, and the dictionary defines marriage as between one man, one woman for life, please God, leading to the procreation of human life. And if we begin to tamper with the very definition of marriage, then we're going to be in big trouble.
It always kills me when priests start talking about DNA. Please, Mr. Dolan, don't try to be scientific. Stick to philosophy where your "arguments" just might be a tad more persuasive. Unlikely, but at least there's a chance.

Question: Is an infertile hetero couple a slap to god's face too? Should the husband of an infertile woman just dump the barren chick and find a babe with nice birthin' hips? Should the wife of a man who's shootin' blanks just ditch him and his empty gun and search the bars and internets for a stud? Come on, Dolan, pipe up.

Dolan. Hey, hey we're the Monkees...and people say we Monkee around! Oh, wait, they didn't come from no monkey.

Back on track. Dolan is also quoted as saying:
The recent sad scandal of clerical sexual abuse of minors, as the professionals have documented, has nothing to do with our celibate commitment.
Is this really one of they guys you want doing any sort of investigation? He seems like he can barely think, let alone break from the Vatican on any issue. Seriously, as IF the pope is going to prosecute anyone. He could find a priest ass-raping a 12 year old at the alter of St. Peter's Square and there would be a cover-up. I'd bang my head against the wall but that would only hurt me when it's the Church that I want to disappear.

If I find a way to do that I'll keep you posted....

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At 1/6/10 3:01 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

There is an in-built code of right and wrong that is embedded in the human DNA....
Ya, make a silly arsed statement with no proof and a total lack of ability to find any proof.
I envy their ability to just make stuff up...that includes his marriage definition.


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