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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updated Story: Aqsa Parvez and The Religion of Peace

In a development that happened recently on a story I mentioned before (check the archives for December of 2007), the father and brother of Aqsa Parvez both pleaded guilty on June 15 of killing her.

Listening to this guy and his son talk about what they were going to do to Aqsa is horrifying, all in the name of stupid Islam. Their mom is quoted from a police interview as saying:
Oh God, Oh God...Oh my Aqsa, you should have listened...Everyone tried to make you understand. Everyone begged you, but you did not listen....”
Right, it's her fault for not listening. How about you stand up to the psychopath you're married to and get him to a therapist? Why don't we try that? How about realizing you live in Canada where we don''s that phrase? "Kill our daughters for wearing regular clothes"? Yes, that's it. We're not a theocracy, so if you want to perform "honour" killings or keep your women subjugated in some 14th century idiocy, feel free to board a plane to one of those fabulous countries. I bet health care is great there.

Oh yeah, the son. Here's a nice bit of info about that moron:
Tow truck driver Steve Warda told police earlier that Waqas asked if he could get him a gun because he was going to kill his sister but his father would take the blame.
Can we please just deport this dickless assface? If he wants to live under Islamic rule so badly and he thinks that killing his sister because she wants to wear a skort to school will make his stupid deity happy, then off to Pakistan with you. Obviously a liberal-leaning, first-world country is not the place for you. Enjoy the caves of northern Afghanistan for a couple of years and see how many tow-truck jobs come your way, numbnuts.

I hope both these idiotic fucktards rot in jail.

(h/t - Thanks, Tony)

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At 16/6/10 7:51 pm, Blogger Alison said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Does anyone know if they are actually citizens?

It also rots my socks to hear the press refer to honour killings. There is no honour in killing for any reason, and if the media wishes to describe these horrific acts, maybe they should call them dishonour killings.

At 17/6/10 10:03 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

Sorry Alison call it as for what it really is...They MURDERED her with pure premeditation by her FATHER!!!
He should be VERY glad I was not judge...for life withOUT parole in the worse prison I could find and maintain his health to MAXIMIZE the time for his suffering and delay his trip to the virgins.
Ya I'm mean.

At 18/6/10 12:28 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

I may be wrong about this, but I think that Islam is the only major religion that explicitly states that it should subjugate all others. If this is correct, then it explains why it is so difficult for someone raised in it to truly assimilate into a non-Islamic society.

However, it seems to me that that this nonsense about "honor" killings is not specifically Islamic. It is a behavior within the culture the family came from, that happens to be justified through the authority of Islam. In other words, I put the blame on the culture, not necessarily the religion (though it is another example of how religious belief contributes to bad behavior). The big problem is that the rhetoric of Islam institutionalizes extremism more than most - which makes it a great tool for cultural and political oppression.

None of which excuses the murderers in the least - they deserve what L.Long suggests, and if we could find a way to make it worse, that would be even better.

At 22/6/10 6:58 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

I know how to make prison the worse thing for islam...
Send them to Arizona where they make them wear pink!!! Islamic guy in gay pink!!!!


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