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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Once Again, The Catholic League Can Blow Me


The miraculous rescue of all 33 Chilean miners is difficult to understand from a purely secular perspective. In this day and age of militant atheism, coupled with relentless assaults on Roman Catholicism, it is refreshing to read about the central role that Catholicism played in helping these courageous men survive, and of their enormous gratitude to God.

To those who cling to the superstition that there is no meaning to life beyond sheer material existence, we ask them to reflect on the following testimonials. Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no atheists in trapped mines. Click here (link removed) for some inspiring comments.
No, actually the rescue is not hard at all to understand. A collapse occurred, trapping miners underground. A group of smart engineers, miners, and drillers got together and figured out a way to safely get them out. They put their plan into action and, ta dah, the miners got out. Secular. At no point in the plan was there a, "Step three: God shows up to grease the wires and do some welding."

The fact that the Catholic League gives the credit to an invisible SkyMan rather than to the humans who actually did the rescuing is, while completely expected, still frustrating. It is thoroughly enjoyable to notice, however, the hilarious irony of calling "superstitious" those who are interested in "material existence". Yeah, we're the superstitious ones, not you guys who cross yourselves when pass a church while driving.

Really? There are no atheists in foxholes? What about these guys?
Or Pat Tillman and the like?
atheist in foxholes tillman

I'm happy that all the miners got out alive, but testimonials or not, it was because of the hard work and intelligence of the men and women working to free them.

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At 17/10/10 3:40 am, Anonymous gmcevoy said...

No atheists in foxholes, ya

Dad served in WW2. Practicing Catlick when enlisting and atheist before VE Day.

Jeez Louise the absolute arrogance of these professional bog bots

While the title of the post appears insulting, they'd prolly love to

At 17/10/10 4:30 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

I can state with absolute certainty that g0d has never intervened in any physical way in any incident where bright hardworking men & women produced the real miracle.
And since no one saw any miner poof into existence outside the mine, I'm sure no g0d did much in this case either.

At 18/10/10 2:35 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

Everybody knows humans can't do squat. If it wasn't Gawd it musta been aliens.

At 19/10/10 11:57 am, Anonymous L.Long said...

Actually -yojimbo- that is what a large number of people do believe. The (insert big thing like the pyramids here) is too magnificent for us humans to have done so it was done by aliens or magic power.


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