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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Merkaba Kabbala BlahBlahBlah...

I got a comment on my post about the Harold Camping's "conscience" from a fella named "Max" who said the following:
Camping’s calculations were wrong and his assumptions naive, but Rapture and Judgment Day are still relevant! Humanity needs to know the truth. Listen to this very compelling recording from a new spiritual group that is making waves and getting the word out to be spiritually prepared with more than a simple prayer and some bible verses.
"Compelling recording." I've been more compelled to shove powdered habeñero peppers up my nose by the spoonful. Listening to that guy blather on was more painful than I could bear, so I began to wander through that weird site and found another "open letter" that was amazing. It was to Stephen Hawking. A teaser quote:
...I will explain to you the missing part of M-Theory that will allow you to understand the mind of God.
It's hilarious until it gets really boring...which is about 2 minutes in.

Hawking was in the news recently because of an interview he did which wack-job Kirk Cameron commented on. I find it both funny and tragic that noodleheads the world around deem it necessary to draw attention to themselves by vomiting their ideas about what really smart people say. I doubt very seriously if Kirk Cameron could figure out what two letters are missing in the word "a_ _ hole", yet he feels qualified to point out "flaws" in the scientific thinking of a renowned theoretical physicist.

Like Sam Harris said at a TED talk, "I wouldn't want to belong to any quantum physics club that would have me as a member." That is the attitude of a person who knows their scope of practice; I'm quite certain that if a person fell down in a shopping mall and Cameron or the slow-talking fellow who records those "open messages" was there, they'd likely start improving a scene from ER they vaguely remember and asking for a scalpel.

I may take breaks from time to time, but man, there's no shortage of material to write about on the internet.

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