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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah Has No Regrets?

I'm at work now and Oprah is on in the clinic. She just said that she had "no regrets" about anything she's done on the show with the exception of not drawing enough attention to sexual abuse/rape. Ok, fair enough, that's a good cause for her to yell about on her considerable soapbox.

She doesn't regret her uncritical promotion of The Secret? Her giving a pedestal to moronic celebrities to hawk their harmful nonsensical "therapies"? Her lending her substantial voice to anti-vaccine lunatics with not an ounce of critical opposition, thereby misleading millions towards pseudo-science and disease?

Oprah has done some good things - her book club has gotten a lot of people to read who might not have otherwise done so. That said, she skewered James Frey and made him look like a fool for making up parts of his "memoir". She was lauded for holding him accountable and making him pay for lying, but she lets the lies and bullshit that people like Jenny McCarthy toss about so cavalierly slide past her without so much as a second glance.

Ms. Winfrey has much to be proud of in her accomplishments, her influence, and her success. She also, however, has much to regret in her lack of recognition for that same influence and what she has helped bring to prominence - anti-vaccine promotion, bogus and harmful cancer "cures", Dr. Oz's promotion of pseudo-scientific nonsense, her uncritical promotion of the fraudulent "John of God", and the audacity of a person completely unaware of her surroundings and situation - arrogance and ignorance - that inspired Salon writer Peter Birkenhead to write:
Why "venality"? Because, with survivors of Auschwitz still alive, Oprah writes this about "The Secret" on her Web site, "the energy you put into the world -- both good and bad -- is exactly what comes back to you. This means you create the circumstances of your life with the choices you make every day."

After 25 years, Oprah has left her "talk" show. It has been about 10 years too late for me, but I'm sure her influence over her flock will only grow with her OWN network, her magazine, and her offshoot shows.

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At 26/5/11 5:35 am, Anonymous Yakaru said...

Oprah also promoted Secret star James Ray, who went on to cause four deaths during his seminars in 2009. He is currently on trial for 3x manslaughter in Arizona.


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