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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

@standupmaths on Twitter

I follow a fella named Matt Parker with the twitter-handle "@standupmaths" (it's weird that we use the term "handle" still...sounds like we're all wannabe truckers from the 70's)and he was poking notorious homeopathic apologist Dana Ullman with a pointy stick. He inquired about Ullman's support for the use of homeopathy in Africa and the ridiculous organization, "Homeopaths Without Borders". Ullman made the predictable reply that he is in favor of health care and that the people there should have the "freedom to choice (sic)" what they want. When Parker asked about Ullman's support of proselytizing homoepathy in lieu of anti-retroviral drugs for AIDS treatments, Ullman retorted with the faux wounded ego act and claimed Parker should, "take his dogmatism elsewhere". I followed with:
@standupmaths: @HomeopathicDana uses the "freedom of choice" non-argument because he knows he can fool laypeople with nonsense.
Sometimes I really wish you had more than 140 characters. We'll see if he responds, but while I wait I think I'll read everything Steven King ever wrote.

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