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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to the 19th Century, Malta!

The small Mediterranean island of Malta voted to allow divorce this past weekend. The island is "staunchly Catholic" and for obvious reasons they don't like it when couples decide amongst themselves, like adults, to separate. Always the parental figure, religion is. Always talk like Yoda, do I.
Malta, which also bans abortion, has long Catholic traditions and the church's influence on the nation's 400,000 citizens is still significant. Some 95 per cent of the population calls itself Roman Catholic. Pope Benedict XVI visited the island last year.
You know, apart from the divorce thing, which is crazy in and of itself that a country in 2011 had banned a decision between adults, the fact that a small island of 400,000 people actually call themselves Roman Catholics is staggering to me. I know it's hard to shake a person's faith, but man, what more do the Vatican Overlords have to do? Even if the Pope himself got caught with his cock soaked in peanut butter and stuffed into the mouth of an anaphylactic 9 year old, most of these people would still say, "Well, you know, homosexuality is a problem and it needs to be dealt with, but there's really no problem with the Church itself."

Blow my mind....

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