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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Vancouver,

I'm sorry your ignorant, violent, drunken hockey fans & hooligans rioted and destroyed your city, flipping vehicles and burning police cars. That really sucks and I hope you catch the perpetrators and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

That said, I don't ever want to hear you bitching about how potentially violent and disruptive an Ultimate Fighting Championship event might be and how you want the promotion to pay crazy fees for extra police coverage. There have been two UFCs in Vancouver now and only one problem that couldn't even be positively linked to UFC fans. The linked article said:
Police have not linked the beating to the UFC event, although Holtzman said in an interview a few days after the incident that he believed his attackers attended the fights at Rogers Arena.
Just a point of note here: I don't give a hill of ant shit if the unfortunate victim of the hate crime believes his attackers were at the event. I care if they had tickets or if there was video footage of them entering/leaving the venue. Show me proof. That said, even if they are huge UFC fans and even if they did commit the horrible crime they're accused of because of their jar-headed, semi-literate adoration of cage-fighting, it's still only two guys out of thousands and they should be put in jail and/or fined and made to do community service at an AIDS hospice.

Look at the picture in the first link. If it was non-hockey fans that started the riots, so be it, but you can't tell me that all the people with their fists defiantly in the air watching the overturned truck burn are anarchists who weren't at the game.

Vancouver, if you have a problem with the UFC and its fans, you should have a much bigger problem with NHL hockey and its fans.


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