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Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Zealand Naturopaths Love to Kill Kids

Edzard Ernst linked to this notice from the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths responding to recommendations regarding vaccinations. I have quoted extensively below with my commentary either in brackets or below the blocking. Here we go:
The Report of the Health Committee -Inquiry into how to improve completion rates of childhood immunisation, the coronial process and the adverse reaction process this year raises some concerns for the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths (NZSN).
Really? You mean naturopaths are against vaccination? I'm going to pass the fuck out from not-surprise.
We see this as a coercive measure that may put undue pressure on the parents and stop them seeking information (from ignorant, scientifically illiterate morons) to make an informed decision in light of all the (flawed) evidence (against vaccination).
A "coercive measure", eh? Sort of like not mentioning to "patients" the complete lack of scientific validity to most/all of the "therapies" you recommend? Sort of like that? Yeah, I thought so.
...we believe that the money spent on implementing and carrying out the payments of incentives would be better spent on health education for example to encourage parents to provide a nutritious diet for their children and promote a healthy lifestyle.
You know, like people did before the understanding of germ theory and when a huge percentage of children died horribly from now-preventable diseases. Like that. Back to the Dark Ages, Poindexter! Take some of this Valerian Root and stick this needle in your arm! You'll feel great. Oh, and make sure it's a Wednesday and you're standing under a Willow Tree. They're very wise, you know. It'll help! ...fuck me....
The NZSN are disturbed by the plan to issue all children with a certificate of vaccination on entering school (because healthy kids means no business). This may cause (well-meaning but ill-informed/deluded/misled) parents who object to vaccinations to avoid early education facilities or withdraw their children from school.
Oh no! unvaccinated kids staying away from the population to avoid spreading illness?! What a fucking tragedy! Listen, there is a responsibility to choosing to avoid vaccination, dumbasses, and part of that responsibility is to segrate your kids away from the protected population to keep preventable disease away. Get it?
The NZSN would like an assurance from the Ministry of Health that if such certificates are issued that it follow the recommendations of the report and make it very clear to all parents that their children can still attend school even if they are not vaccinated, and that vaccination is not compulsory.
Vaccination certainly is not, nor should it be, compulsory. It should, however, be made abundantly clear to parents and the general public that vaccines are safe, effective, and the best choice to protect those who cannot be vaccinated via herd immunity. Also, it should be made clear that the "therapies" promoted by naturopaths are not based on actual science and are not only useless as therapies, but could actually harm people either directly (an acupuncture needle to the lung, for example) or indirectly (keeping an ill person from getting real medical attention that could shorten the span of the disease or save their life).
One of the recommendations of the report is that the Ministry of Health ensures it “publishes up-to-date, readily accessible evidence-based data on the positive and adverse effects of immunisation so that informed consent may be made” the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths believes that publication of adverse effects of vaccination is a step forward in giving a balanced viewpoint (i.e. their viewpoint) to enable parents and guardians make a decision on vaccination. The current literature published by the Ministry of Health regarding vaccinations rarely mentions ill effects of vaccinations. The report on the other hand, does acknowledge that there are ill effects from vaccinations.
Any actual medical pratitioner will acknowedge that for any medical intervention, there will be potential side effects. That is obvious and vaccinations are no exception. Of course there are possible side effects; most are extremely minor (think redness around the injection site) but very very rarely there are serious ones (Guillian-Barre Syndrome, seizure, etc...). These are available on any website or pamphlet that talk seriously about immunisation.

I'm curious: are there any negative side effects to homeopathy, acupunture, herbal medicine, or reiki that the naturopaths mention regularly? I doubt it, but I could be wrong.

The point is that the risk/benefit equation for vaccination is so far on the positive-for-vaccination side that there is no "balance" to be had. If you choose to not vaccinate yourself (or especially your children), you are doing it for poor reasons (aside from serious allergies, etc...). Get your shit together, assholes.

Naturopathy is stupid and useless. Stop using it. Please.

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At 10/6/11 5:40 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

Interesting! I am surprised to hear that regular NZ doctors do not already "encourage parents to provide a nutritious diet for their children and promote a healthy lifestyle".

Must be all that walking around upside down all the time.

At 15/6/11 6:19 am, Blogger Shadeburst said...

Yeah that's a rant alright.

At 1/12/12 9:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike is a naughty boy who needs to wash his mouth with soap before he starts his blog I think, that way he may prevent himself from developing a rather nasty case of foot& mouth disease. Highly infectious stuff you know, it starts with stepping in s**t and then spreading it around.
Keep up the good work Mike, I'm all for controversy, we need more blogs like this instead of all that sanitised s**t already out there.

NZ Naturopath


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