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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tim Minchin at the Winter Garden Theatre - Toronto

My wife and I had a date last night and went to see Tim Minchin perform at the Winter Garden theatre in Toronto. I had seen him last year at the Second City with the hilarious Bo Burnham and enjoyed myself, but you could tell he was tired and it was the second show for him. Still, a really great time.

Last night, however, he was on point. It was a fantastic show with a good mix of older songs the audience knew (If I Didn't Have You, The Pope Song, Prejudice) with new ones that were immediately well received. Some personal highlights were "Cont", a new song about groups of which Minchin is not fond, Song for Sam's Mum" about God fixing the eyes of a Christian fan's mother, and the first encore where Minchin played my favorite Christmas song, White Wine in the Sun. It always makes me cry and this was no exception.

Tim Minchin is a fabulous pianist, a gifted lyricist, and a tremendous entertainer. My wife, who is not a skeptic/atheist/heathen like myself (although she is exposed to me regularly and bluntly when I, as Tim would say in his beat poem Storm, "go off on one of my rare, but fun, rants") had a stellar time and retold the event to her friend, who had been babysitting for us, with gusto and many laughs.

Thanks, Tim, and I look forward to next year when, I'm hopeful, you'll return. Oh, and yeah, fuck those no-shows in the front row. :)

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At 25/6/11 8:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gods I only wish this had been better advertised. I would have paid top dollar to see Tim here in Toronto.


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