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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Well, There It Is Then

While driving to work this morning, I passed a church whose sign I always read. The person seems to enjoy putting "inspiring" sayings and such, but today they pretty much laid out the opinion of religion everywhere and the reason why skeptics, critical thinkers and free inquirers, have such a dislike of it all. The quote was:
Better to walk with God in the dark than to go alone into the light.
There it is. Stay with us and be blind to all the wonders of the world and universe, blathering on about faith and mystical "holy" books. Don't leave. If you go out there, you'll be alone. Without God. Without your blankie. Without us to tell you what to think.

Hanging out there all pink and naked, as Penn Jillette said. Looks kind of sad, doesn't it?

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At 17/6/11 6:31 am, Blogger Shadeburst said...

I was raised Catholic and several friends still "adhere."

From time to time their children ask me if I'm a theist. I'm always very careful with my reply.

I stopped going to church, partly because I was no longer convinced and partly because I had better things to do on Sundays.

On the other hand if there had been a pool of attractive and available girls my age at church every Sunday, wild horses wouldn't have kept me away.

Taking the step to being an atheist takes courage. After the whole imaginary friend business, you really do feel alone.

So I always tell these kids, before they cast off their old belief system, to be very sure that they have a replacement.

And they're not doing it just to sleep in an hour later on Sunday.


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