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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Predict That "Psychic" Nikki Will Not Get One Million Dollars

Wow, I guess I'm back after damn near a month off. Looks good around here; thanks for not wrecking the place.

What has made me return to these hallowed pixels? Why "Psychic" Nikki, of course. She seems set to take Randi's Million Dollar Challenge. I predict (see what I did there?) that she'll find a way to weasel out of it because she knows she's full of shit.

Why do you say that, Mike?

Well, if you check the archives from 2009, you'll find a post illustrating how Nikki changed her website to "predict" things she never did, most notably, when Heath Ledger died. She made no mention of him in her "Death Watch" list until AFTER he died, and THEN she put his name in there as though she were...what's that word?... Oh, right, "psychic".

I'll be amazed if she actually takes the challenge - which she helps set up, agrees to ahead of time, and in which Randi has no actual part. Nikki says:
"I don't like skeptics...They not only put psychics down, they put everybody down. They don't know enough about predictions."
Well, I'm a skeptic and I don't put everybody down. I do put down people who lie for a living because they're scumbags. Also, I know that to be classified as a PREdiction, you have to say that a certain event will happen at a certain time at a certain place BEFORE it happens. Sort of what the prefix "pre-" means. If you, say, post on a website that Heath Leger is going to die AFTER he dies, that's not a PREdiciton, that's what we in the rational world call, "reporting the news".

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