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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Part of the Problem

Today I was perusing twitter and found this link amongst the feed detritus. It's an article talking about how colonic irrigation is harmful and useless. I think that was shown quite definitively already, but hey, anyone who wants to pile on is more than welcome. The issue I have is with this quote:
“This is not a manifesto against complementary and alternative medicine, since I’m a big proponent,” says Georgetown family medicine physician and lead author Dr. Ranit Mishori. “But there is absolutely no evidence that it [colon cleansing] helps. Instead, we found that it can be harmful.”
This is, as it says, the lead author of the new study. She is a "big proponent" of CAM, but admitting she never knew how to answer patients when they asked her about colon cleansing, she studied it and now, with her findings in hand, does not recommend it.

How can you be a "big proponent" of CAM when not only is your study out there to educate doctors and lay-persons alike, but there are hundreds of quality studies about all manner of CAM modalities showing how few of them are in any way helpful? I don't get it.

Side note: Why am I not surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow is mentioned as someone who partakes of colonic "cleanses"? Goop, indeed.

(tip of the transverse colon to @edzardernst and his twitter feed)

3 Barbaric Yawps:

At 5/8/11 10:14 am, Blogger Shadeburst said...

Back off. She's one of us. Gwyneth is quoted on a cool poster that I saw in Atheism Resource FB profile pics.

So she likes getting water blasted up her ass. Whatever turns her on. I like picking my nose when I think nobody's watching. At least she (groan) came clean about it...

At 5/8/11 10:53 am, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

I'll not back off. She likes getting water blasted up her ass, she named her kid "Apple", and she had her castle exorcised. She is not one of us.

We may agree on some topics and issues, but her brain isn't up to snuff with the thinking.

At 18/9/11 8:30 pm, Blogger Shadeburst said...

Okay let me change my tune. I'm big in favor of CAM and Woo medicine when Woo people use it instead of the genuine (at least partially effective) thing. Gets them off the planet faster.


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