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Friday, September 09, 2011

What Was That About Transitional Fossils?

One of the "arguments" we skeptic folks get from cdesign proponentists is that there are no transitional fossils. Never mind that there are thousands of fossils showing intermediate stages of evolution between known forms; never mind that Professor Neil Shubin, Dr. Ted Daeschler, and Professor Farish A. Jenkins, Jr. used the existing fossil record and a great scientific theory to predict where to look for tiktaalik and then found it. That's all irrelevant. They just keep repeating the same horse-shit again and again hoping against hope that they'll convince themselves and others that they're right.

Well, they're wrong. A new article in Forbes magazine talks about Australopithecus sediba and what a great find it seems to be and how it just may change our understanding of the history of our species. It's fantastic.

See the key distinction there between science and nonsense? Science makes testable predictions and then goes out and tests them. In the real world. Finding tiktaalik, finding the planet Neptune, and now finding Australopithecus sediba make for a formidable shelf to argue against.

Not to mention these. Nah, there's no transitional fossils. That's just crazy talk.

4 Barbaric Yawps:

At 16/9/11 5:40 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

But - those aren't transitional fossils, they're just fossils. If you go look at them next week they'll look exactly the same. Transitional fossils change while you watch them.

Anyway - they're ain't no crocs with duck heads... AND there are still monkeys, so there!

At 16/9/11 6:00 pm, Blogger Heathen Mike said...

Damn you, damn your fossils, and most of all, damn your stupid monkeys!

At 19/9/11 10:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 19/9/11 12:59 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

I'll have you know, Sir, that my monkeys are not stupid! Some of them are even running for the Republican Party nomination.

Well - maybe they are just a bit slow...


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