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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jewish Men - It Is 2011

Take a quick look at this article. While you're reading and looking at the accompanying photo, keep in mind that it's 2011 and the story is taking place in New York city, one of the most progressive and largest cities in the world.

Only religion and its archaic, misogynistic, helmet-headed reasoning can get a pass like this. Don't black people have a whole meme about this situation? A famous woman - Rosa Parks, remember? Why the fuck is it different when not just one race, but a whole gender is being discriminated against on a public bus by a bunch of bigoted, unintelligent, sanctimonious douchebags.

And don't even get me started on the hat. It looks like something the Ugandan guy in the third row of the Dave Matthews Band would play. How do you take that fella seriously about anything?
...the mayor (Michael Bloomberg) said that segregating men and women was “obviously not permitted” on public buses. “Private people: you can have a private bus,” he added. “Go rent a bus, and do what you want on it.”
Exactly. So, you're going to fine the offending company and monitor them so they don't act in a discriminatory manner in the future, right? Right? Ok, as always, there will likely be talk, followed by the dull sound of continuing with the status quo.

Why don't women rise as one and tell these costumed idiots to keep their religious nonsense in the synagogue & their homes, and that outside of those places it's about 2000 years past when the stupid ideas that make up their fanciful bullshit were relevant or socially acceptable? That would be great.

Seriously, look at that hat....

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At 21/10/11 12:07 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

The women can't rise up.
They have been brainwashed from birth and that's the way it is.
Also when they rise up who helps them? Who pays for the kids? Food? etc? And if you find any help you still end up separated from everything you know, and that is scary for most people. The two biggest fears are death and loneliness, so nothing will be done.


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