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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jews Fling the Poos

So ultra-orthodox jews can suck it.

Check out this disgusting story via the BBC about a girls school being "picketed" by ultra-orthodox jews (no, I will not capitalize that word here) because the girls are "not dressed conservatively enough".

The girls are orthodox jews, but apparently unless you're "ultra" orthodox, you're just a harlot out for cock, and that's embarrassing, dammit. The men in the black dresses with the delightful ringlets think that it's not appropriate, for heaven's sake.

Side note: why do these assholes always dress so effeminately? Priests wear dresses, these ultra-orthodox idiots wear dress-like coats and have pretty hair curls; what gives? I think they're just pent-up gay dudes over-compensating. Just my theory.

In any event, what sort of pathetic cowardly losers throw rocks, tomatoes, eggs, and feces at little kids? Funny how when the police show up - you know, the other grown men in this story - these false-bravado jelloheads stop coming around. I guess it's only fun to pick on 9 year old kids when no fellas are there to punch you in the face for it.
I Fling Poo
Jews, you need to reign in these potatoheads and tell them to chill. If I'm going to yell at Muslims to put a cork in those jihadi motherfuckers, then I have to hold the line and yell at you to lay a beat-down on the curlique brigade when they start throwing shit at children. Capisce?

Tip of my enraged hat to Rebecca at Skepchick

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At 21/10/11 11:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A tip of my enraged hat to Rebecca at Skepchick" is a wonderful line sir and I shall steal it,fortwith.


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