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Monday, November 28, 2011

Burzynski Clinic - Medical Quacks and Legal Blowhards

Oh man, did these guys step in it. Now that they have been fleecing desperate parents for expensive yet worthless "therapies" for a while, they are getting called out for it. In response to their public outing as charlatans, they are flailing around wildly with threatened lawsuits shooting out from their twitching carcass. Check out a few of the posts around the blogosphere on these cranks:
From Rhys Morgan himself
From PZ
From Andy Lewis
From Orac
From Science Based Medicine
From Skeptic North
From PalMD
From Phil Plait
From Greg Laden
From Larry Moran
From Ministry of Truth
I hope that these and the many other posts on the Burzynski "clinic" and their "treatments" get the word out: quacks should not treat deadly diseases.

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