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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Captian "Psychic" Obvious

*sigh* So my wife likes to watch Sister Wives. I'm not writing about that (this time), however, this time I am writing about a commercial for Long Island Medium. I was helping Mrs. Heathen out with a crafty endeavor while she killed the time with the aforementioned Mormon entertainment. During this, there were numerous adverts for New York's own Theresa Caputo and her "amazing" talents.

One such moment was shown - she was working out and asks what her trainer did for a living. He says that he is a fire fighter. She then apparently hears the psychic music in her head and asks him...dunh dunh dunh duuuuuuuhhhhhh, "Did something happen about 10 years ago?"

I couldn't help but think, "Um, yeah, how about 9/11?"

If that's "psychic", then there was an important date that everyone reading this had, and I want you to think about it. It was about a year ago as of...about...umm...on or around December twenty...fifth? Does that sound important or significant to you? I see that family was involved but that maybe there was just a tinge of sadness amongst all the happiness.

I read a quick interview by Entertainment Weekly - so obviously it was a hard-hitting, thoroughly researched convers....hahahahaha...sorry, I couldn't resist. It was as softball as it could have been. The balls couldn't have been softer if they were just south of Cookie Monster's (ahem) "Lady Finger".

Here's an interesting exchange:
EW: The last person to really make a splash in this space was John Edward, who was often accused of doing cold readings. What is your response to the skeptics?
Caputo: I’ve never had the privilege to meet John Edward but he had opened the door for mediums. He has laid a beautiful path for us. I would say to skeptics, just have the experience. I had somebody say on my Twitter account, ‘You’re so full of blah blah.’ I said, ‘That’s great, I value your opinion, but why don’t we do a reading on air and then see what you think before you start passing judgement.’
Yes, the "personal experience" gambit. Just try acupuncture/reiki/psychics/chiropractic/my uncle Eddie's magic underarm non-stink formula and you'll believe.

Oh, and ignore all that implausibility and scientific evidence that says my position is ridiculous. That too.

At least Jezebel injects a little bit of skepticism into the mix with this gem:
...she asks a a couple of brawny, blue-collar Italian guys if their late friend liked to drink and party. He loved hanging out and booze, they agreed. It really seems like she's shotgunning and shooting for easy stereotypes. Also, she did a whole mess of readings at her husband's job — a motorcycle repair shop — and magically knew all about the guys her husband works with.
Hammer, meet head of nail. Pound away at your leisure.

Quick end note: Does it bother anyone else that her website on TLC (Ugh, don't get me started on the "Starved For Attention" channel) is: In short, no, Theresa, I don't believe.

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At 12/11/11 10:54 am, Blogger Richard said...

I live on Long Island, and I'd just like to say to Mother Caputo: Move to Jersey, the Shore Hores await you with open (read: empty) minds. Buh-bye now. Need help packing?


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