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Friday, July 27, 2012

Smarten the Fuck Up, Alberta

People have got complacent, because most of the childhood diseases we still deal with don’t make you very sick. Pertussis is not one of those...It’s an absolutely terrifying disease for the families of the children who have it. With pertussis, the cough is so violent, that children can break their ribs. The coughing fits are so extreme, children can’t get enough oxygen. They turn blue. They have seizures. They stop breathing. Death is not an uncommon result. (from here)
Southern Alberta is having a whooping cough (pertussis) outbreak, and by "outbreak", I mean that there have been 42 cases in the last few months (where there were only 18 cases in the entirety of 2011).

Hm, why is that? Vaccination rates have fallen steadily from 80% of children (barely enough to maintain herd immunity) in 2007, to 73% in 2010 - and only 67-62% in other areas of Alberta. Come the fuck on.

Get your kids vaccinated and if you're an adult, get a booster. Vaccines are one of, if not the greatest (and safest) public health tools ever devised. You can argue with me, but you'd be wrong because you'd be arguing against a mountain of evidence that puts Everest to shame. You've got a mouse penis and you're comparing it to Peter North. You lose.

So you can be on the anti-vaccine side of the coin if you like; by that I mean, "if you like to kill babies with your ignorance", which is what's happening. Get your heads out of your asses and stop being idiots. Stop being parties to babies dying needlessly. You're better than that.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's The Harm? Detox Death in Quebec

To all those who say, "What's the harm"? in a little "alternative medicine",here's a not-so-nice little story about a woman who was involved with a group of quack dipshits who eventually - after they took a bunch of her money - killed her.

Chantal Lavigne was only 35 years old. For whatever reason, she believed that "detoxing" was helpful and had done a bunch of them with the quack dipshits running their program out of Ferme Reine de la Paix outside of Montreal. She had done so many, in fact, that she had spent just under $19,000 on the bogus nonsense. It is worth mentioning that she was found,
...covered in mud, wrapped in plastic and blankets...
and that she had,
...spent nine hours lying with (her) head in a box while being encouraged to hyperventilate. (emphasis mine)
Ok, unless you're watching a Godfather marathon, you should never do anything for nine hours straight, and, quite frankly, Godfather three isn't really worth the time, minus the awesome scene with Andy Garcia shooting that thief fella in the head in front of Bridget Fonda.

For those of you inclined towards numbers, normal body temperature is 37 C, or 98.6 F. Lavigne's body temperature was 40.5C or 104.9F. That, over the course of nine hours, was more than sufficient to cook her to death. Any normal person with a modicum of health or physiological knowledge running a course on the topic would know this. Should know this. I would argue that if a person/the people running a sweat lodge didn't know this and still put people in the heat (covered in mud, plastic, and blankets), then they should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Gabrielle Fréchette, Ginette Duclos, and Gérald Fontaine need to go to jail for negligence. To paraphrase what has been said before by people much smarter than me: if you're going to do something that has no proven medical benefit, then the risk you take should be zero or as close to it as possible. Stay away from "detox" quacks.

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