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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indian Gang-Rape Commentary - Good Article

There is a high occurence of rape/gang-rape in India, along with high levels of societal violence. After a recent attack where a 23 year old girl was viciously raped and beaten, then thrown from a moving bus, protests have been on-going and the crowds have been demanding a change in the laws to make rape a capital crime.

An article in The Hindu argues that the problem is deeper than that and bringing the death penalty into play is not the right answer. His argument is that Indian males have to be brought up differently and the attitude towards women by everyone have to change.
This idea of a woman as a fully formed human subject remains a difficult concept to embrace.
If this doesn't change, making legal threats or throwing the death penalty around won't make a difference.

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At 29/12/12 1:35 am, Blogger Thursday said...

I'll disagree a bit here - not on the death penalty, but on the changing of laws. What the laws being changed does is allow people an excuse to do what's right, without as much risk of social pressure to conform to "tradition".

If there is someone who wants to do the right thing but finds themselves outnumbered, or even just threatened, by people who insist they don't, well, then they can shrug and say "sorry, it's the law". Having an army/police force back you up really helps the spine straighten, you know?


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