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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pope Ratz Blesses Ugandan "Kill the Gays" Lawmaker

Pope Benedict blessed the speaker of the Ugandan parliment and "Kill the Gays" initiative pusher, Rebecca Kadaga, on December 12 at a pilgrim's mass at the Vatican. I have made fun of the pontiff before and certainly will again, but it takes a special level of indifference and intentional blindness to go ahead with a ceremony like this one. It reminds me of the Intelligence Squared debate with Christopher Hitchens (rest in peace) and Stephen Fry where the latter said this:Fitting also because of Fry's love of, and work in, Uganda and because this debate was in 2009, the same year that the bill in question was given to Ugandans as a "Christmas gift" to the population. Incidentally, if you have not watched that entire debate, do so at your earliest convenience. It's great.

Thankfully, the bill has stalled in their parliment after international outrage shone a spotlight on their hatred. Funny how some things that are perfectly fine to do in private are embarrassing when everyone can see you doing it. Sort of like bondage. Maybe a bad example to use with the Catholic church....

The influence of U.S. evangelists on Ugandan lawmakers was examined in this 2010 article in the Sydney Morning Herald. It is also discussed on the Rachel Maddow Show from 2009 here:
The disconnect of the Pope from reality - i.e. homosexuals are a part of humanity and are not going away - is not surprising. An old man in a palace who interacts with the world via a bevy of mediators and buffers has about as firm a grip on the situation as, say, as the late Kim Jong Il did.

Shame on Pope Benedict, and shame on any Catholic who does not say something about this.

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