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Friday, March 01, 2013

Joey Ratz Gone - And Good Riddance

As it is March 1st, many of you may feel that crispness in the air that signifies no one on Earth believing they are infallible. That's right, Pope Joey Ratz has stepped down from his golden throne for "health reasons". You may also be wondering why it is that I would put "health reasons" in quotes because, geez, why would the Vatican make that up? I mean, he's old and stuff and being the Pope is a pretty demanding job. Well....

See, I listened to the Geologic Podcast last week and George Hrab mentioned a documentary he watched on HBO called Mea Maxima Culpa. In this documentary, it tells the tragic story of a group of deaf boys who were molested by a priest. The boys eventually do something about it and bring the story to the attention of the police, the legal institution, and ultimately, the Vatican. Now, through documentation and evidence, the story shows that as of 2001, then Cardinal Joey Ratz gets signed into Vatican Water Buffalo Law by then Pope JPII, that any and all child abuse cases will pass through Ratz. So from 2001, Ratz knew about every abuse case from all over the world and did nothing about it, hid abusers, stonewalled victims and reporters, and basically was the worst kind of scumbag protectors of pedophiles.

Don't you think it's funny (weird, not "haha") that this documentary comes out and now *cough cough* the Pope seems to be *cough cough* feeling a bit under the *cough* weather? He is explicitly named as someone who is not just knowledgeable, but the most knowledgeable about child rape in the church, and the primary one who kept everything under his gayly flowing robes and stupid fish hat. But no, he's old and decrepit. Let's run with that and see who buys it. *cough*

Seriously, look at these dudes:
Vatican Pope
Some may see serious-looking men at a serious ceremony to decide on an important leader for a vast religion of great import. I see a bunch of nipple-headed jackasses who've wasted their lives on harmful bullshit.

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