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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Letter to Health Canada re: Homeopathic Endorsement


I want to express my concern regarding Health Canada's acceptance and promotion of homeopathic "vaccines". It seems that the way homeopathic concoctions are prepared may not be evaluated in a fair way by the people who do such jobs at your office.

Homeopathy is based on two very odd "laws": the law of similars and the law of infinitesimals. The former states that homeopaths can, "correct symptoms of ill-health with substances that produce similar symptoms when tested on a healthy person." This is simply magical thinking with no basis in reality. If there were valid reasons to think this worked, real scientists would have followed it long ago. If homeopaths had proper evidence, they would have presented it long ago.

The second is the law of infinitesimals which says that the stronger the dilution of the active ingredient, the more potent the "medicine". This is nonsense chemically and mathematically.

But what if it does work by some weird, undiscovered principle of water, sugar, alcohol, or whatever. Where are the unambiguous tests that show it works? Where are the duplication studies performed by disinterested third parties that show positive results? Why are real scientists not convinced? Where is the Nobel prize in chemistry for new discoveries of properties of water (i.e. having "memory")?

Homeopathy has mostly succeeded in duping the public into thinking it is just "natural medicine", but it is not. It contains, in most cases, literally no medicine. Foisting it on the Canadian public - and as a vaccine for pertussis...for shame - is irresponsible and dangerous and Health Canada will have the illness and death of children on its hands sooner rather than later if it does not take a stand against this nonsensical pseudoscientific hokum.

Do the right thing: investigate from a scientific perspective and take any and all endorsements of homeopathy off of Health Canada's literature and web presence. You have done right with respect to the silliness that is ear candling, homeopathy is just as silly but is much more of a danger to the population.

Endorsing nonsense keeps sick people away from real medicine thereby allowing illness and death when it does not have to happen. Please rethink your position.

Michael McCarron

(Edit: if you would like to write as well, you can do so here)

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At 26/5/13 7:59 pm, Anonymous Woody said...

A fine message you sent to Health Canada. Well done.

At 13/6/13 4:03 am, Blogger sachin tanwar said...

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