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Monday, May 27, 2013

One of the Best Headlines Ever

Vatican Corrects Infallible Pope. Yeah, it seems that the Pope (who is infallible and never makes mistakes because he's god's emissary on Earth) made a mistake when he spoke about atheists being able to meet the godfolks in Heaven.

The linked article says: "The Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman, spelled it out for the world on Thursday. People who know about the Catholic church 'cannot be saved' if they 'refuse to enter her or remain in her,' he said." Well, that makes more sense. Stories like this are pretty great for atheists because, in their entirety, they don't matter and we just wait for the punchline. "Oh, we're getting to go to Heaven? Well let's see how this turns out!"

It turns out, shockingly as rain coming from the sky, that the pope is just a dude with a job with bosses just like the rest of us. His bosses are douchy and annoying and pedantic, even when you try to be a nice guy. Oh, and his bosses are people, just like ours.

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At 27/5/13 2:48 pm, Anonymous L.Long said...

Well actually the Pope In The Hat is infallible only when he has made pronouncements about the dogma of the church & the will of gawd. All he was doing with the atheist thing was talking to people, so it don't count.
The dogma is easy but the will of gawd??? how can this be when the idiot buyBull states that 'no man may know the will of gawd.'????
Well that little fact has never slowed anyone down on making gawd statements.


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