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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snoop Dogg

The term "low-hanging fruit" comes to mind when I watch the linked video below.

I find it hysterical that our favorite homeopathic apologist, Dana Ullman, linked to this clip with the comment:
Dana Ullman, MPH CCH ‏@HomeopathicDana · Feb 1
Even Snoop Dogg won't go near a flu vaccine! Keep aluminum out of his veins!
Yeah, aluminium. If you want to check it out, the crew over at Science Based Medicine did a piece (among others) dealing with the contents of vaccines and chat about aluminium in there. It's worth the read.

But...this video clip. Snoop Dogg says:
"You don' need that (flu) shot, nigga they shootin' some shit in yo' ass...I think they shootin' some...controllin'...some shit to take control of know, where they have your mind, body, and soul, you know, slow you down a bit."
Amazing. A guy who is known to smoke half a pound of weed a day, sitting behind some Colt .45, is worried about flu shot ingredients? Dana Ullman implies that the aluminium content of the flu shot is harmful and he endorses what Snoop Dogg says - apparently unaware of how little aluminium is actually in the flu shot or, perhaps more importantly, how much aluminium he is ingesting on a daily basis just by, you know, breathing. Most people ingest 7-10mg/day. I mean, there's 10-20 mg of it in just one buffered aspirin tablet and you get less than one mg in a flu shot.

Weird that Ullman and the other anti-vaccine loons aren't up in arms at aspirin and antacid manufacturers. They're not anti-headache/anti-heartburn medicine, they're "pro-safe-headache/heartburn medicine". I guess if I want reason and rationality, there are perhaps better places to check out.

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