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Friday, September 26, 2014

Who Knew the Lucky Charms Guy Grew Up and is a Total Dick?

Not sure how many people saw this article, but wow. It boggles my mind how someone can grow up to be as old as that fucking guy is and be *that* much of a horsecock.

In case you didn't click through and read the article, some shithead on a TTC was sitting on one seat and had his bag on another, then when a woman asked him to move his bag so she could sit, he refused, called her an "airhead", then allegedly stomped on her foot and shoved her into some other people on the bus.

Now, this sucks and is inexcusable behavior and this clown-shoe motherfucker will eventually be found and certainly some more public shaming will occur. The problem is that he won't give a damn because he's a shit-head. My question is, why, on a crowded bus, did no one (save one person who said something like, "what the fuck, man?") do or say anything directly to this jackass? Social media shaming is, in the end, pointless, because it's not to the guy's face. Much like this blog post - nine people will read it and then go have a coffee, so it's yelling into a void.

Had the people on the bus gotten in that dude's face, shamed him right there, and forced him off the bus to walk his green-shirted ass home, *maybe* there would have been a *slight* amount of recognition that what he did was socially unacceptable. As it is, he's just getting attention. His jerkoff buddies will probably high-5 him and he knows that the next time he does it, likely no one will step up and do anything.

By the way, I'm not advocating anything violent here. Sure he may *need* a hard smack in the face, but that won't teach him anything about what to *do* differently, how to *act* differently. That'll just teach him to watch who's around the next time his shithead valve gets to "dump" mode. No, people needed to, en masse, confront him and tell him that what he was doing was not ok. He's not going to stomp on everyone's foot and he's certainly not going to shove everyone. Make him pick up his bag just as though he was a little kid, because that's what he's acting like. If he doesn't, then force him off the bus. Make his actions have consequence. Everyone on the bus could have made him leave.

As George Carlin once said to Dennis Miller,'s a macro idea...I'm just living in a different kind of world." - everyone has to do it. It's not reality because most people don't want to get involved, even when the offense is egregious and happening right in front of them.

A giant boo to that leprechaun fuckwit, but also boo to everyone on that bus who did nothing.

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